The vintage style reminds us of preserved architecture, antique cars made in the early 19th century. “Vintage” also refers to high quality within the wine industry, as it reflects the year of the grape harvest, the water and weather they received, which gives the wine a particular identity and unique taste for that year.

The beauty of vintage comes from the uniqueness the era brings, like wine. Each vintage wine has a particular flavor fundamentally molded by the grapes harvested that year.

“Vintage” describes something hard to replicate or mimic, unrepeatable over time. There are styles that only get better over time. Timeless elements that, like vintage wine, age gracefully and even become more charming and appreciated over the decades.

Fibre Solution Dyed Nylon
Pattern Organic
Size 500mm x 500mm
Grading Contract Heavy Duty & Stairs
Style High – Low Loop
Backing Recycled Tuntex Duraback

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