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How to choose the best flooring for you

We know that choosing a new flooring can feel like a daunting task. Carpet or hardflooring? Wool or man-made fibres? It will all depend on your personal circumstances, including location and final use of the space you are thinking in renovating.

If you come into our customers’ stores or contact us directly, our experts can tailor an offering to suit your unique circumstances.

You can also check Our Journal for more information on how to select the right floor for you.

We have a fantastic product filtering system to guide your selection, based on your criteria, i.e, specific budget, colour, texture, type of flooring, etc.

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Where is the flooring going?

You will have different issues to consider when flooring a wet area like a bathroom or laundry, compared to a high traffic area like a living room.

What is your lifestyle?

Are you a busy, on-the-go family with kids and pets? Do you entertain a lot? Are you wanting a sustainable or allergy-friendly option?

What is your budget?

There are lots of options for the budget-conscious shopper and equally there are many luxury products if you aren’t budget limited.

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