Why Carpet?

Chosen for offices, hotels, retail and commercial premises, apartments and homes in Australia and around the world, people love the luxurious look and feel of quality carpet. However, you’ll find the benefits of carpet extend far beyond those you see and touch.

Aesthetics to match every decor

Carpet is a versatile floor covering, available in almost infinite combinations of colour, pattern, texture and style. Whether your goal is a modern, contemporary appearance or something complimentary to a particular period décor, you’ll find carpet always offers you the luxury of choice.

Comforting and comfortable

The feeling of warmth and intimacy carpet brings to a room is complemented by the soft, cushioning texture underfoot. The sensory, tactile experience of carpet is unmatched by any other floor covering.

Climate control

Beyond the aesthetic to the more practical benefits, carpet offers occupants greater levels of comfort in every climate. Cooler in summer and warmer in winter, carpet’s insulating properties combine with other thermal aspects of interior spaces to optimise environmental performance. In addition, wool carpets ability to retain and release moisture contributes in reducing fluctuations in humidity, enhancing comfort levels.

Energy Saving

Uninsulated floors account for between 10 to 20% of heat loss from a home. Similarly, in commercial premises, depending on the underlying materials and location, floors can provide significant thermal bridging. The thermal insulation ratings of carpet further can be increased by the use of underlay.
The insulation properties of carpet, especially when laid wall-to-wall, can help to significantly reduce heating and cooling energy costs and consequent greenhouse gas emissions.


You’ll hear the difference in a carpeted space. Whether it’s an open plan office or a home living room, carpet absorbs sound and minimises transmission between adjacent rooms and floor levels. Additionally, the quality of projected sounds such as speech and music is also enhanced by carpet, adding to your enjoyment of broadcast and digital entertainment. Long reverberation times (that create an ‘echoey’ ambience) are reduced by carpet and underlay, as are footfalls and other floor based sounds such as chair scraping.

Easy to Clean

Carpet is simple, efficient and cost-effective. With regular vacuuming and occasional deeper cleaning, carpet will maintain its attractive texture and appearance. Between cleans, carpet does not show signs of dust, maintaining its clean, modern aesthetic. Unlike other flooring materials, carpet won’t scuff or scratch or require significant maintenance such as buffing, sanding or recoating.

Safe and Allergy Friendly

Carpeted spaces are safer than hard flooring spaces. Hazards such as slipping and falling are reduced, as carpet can cushion the impact of a hard floor, especially for small children who are crawling or learning to walk. Many of the dust particles and allergens in the air are trapped by carpet, from where they are easily removed by vacuuming, ensuring greater ease in breathing for asthma sufferers and those with other respiratory problems. This also includes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are a problem for some people. Bedrooms, living rooms and hallways are a pleasure to walk through barefoot, enhancing the welcoming, warmth of your home.