What are the upcoming colour trends in carpet? – 2021

Mixed or blended colour palettes are well on the horizon for carpet design in 2021. With the rapid move into more tonal and vintage decor, such as with the cottage-core and traditional trends in design over the past couple years, it was only inevitable that the colours of carpet would follow in this path.

The result of this is a strong emergence of heathered, stippled and other types of blended yarns in the market; forcing the more solid, plain colours to take a step back from the spotlight. Blended colour carpets can provide a sense of depth and become a point of interest within any interior scheme – the carpet becomes the statement of your home, rather than just another piece to build your statements around.

Greens and blues are making their return in the carpet world according to our design team. The recommendation is to “keep an eye out” for shades such as khaki, sage, forest green, aquamarine, denim, and diesel, which are gradually making their way into the design fold. These colours may seem a bit out of left field but, if complemented with the right interior features, can create a beautiful nature-inspired space.

However, if the greens and blues don’t happen to take your fancy, take comfort in the fact that grey and neutral hues have remained popular choices throughout the years and continue to be flooring favourites – providing a versatile and strong design base to build upon with a variety of accents.

Neutral shades, such as beiges and tans, provide a warm, natural feel to any space – bringing a sense of calm and comfort when used in addition with similarly warm-toned furniture and interior pieces. These are the colours most often found

in the cottage-core style homes nowadays, which are designed to uplift the spirit and bring a sense of nostalgia.

Greys continue to dominate the flooring market, and it is no struggle to see why. Whether your preference lies with the light greys or the deep charcoals, you’ll find that they coordinate well with a monochromatic scheme (utilising other shades of grey, black & white), as well as provide a classic and subdued backdrop on which to place subtle pops of colour – the possibilities are endless.