Wool carpet made in Australia

Immerse yourself into the colours of nature with our incredible Homespun wool ranges. Each range consists of phenomenal colours inspired by the beauty of Australian nature – whether that be the browns and neutrals of the rural outback, or the greys and charcoals that remind one of the mountain ranges, there is a colour sure to complement the interiors of your home.

Correa is an appealingly rustic textured loop pile, reminiscent of the rocky shores, constructed from homespun woollen yarns. This carpet is designed to achieve the perfect mixture between homely aesthetics and long-lasting durability that comes hand in hand with resilient wool fibres.

Pandorea presents a tidier, more controlled loop pile that strikes a balance between comfort, style and wearability with incredibly hard-wearing woollen fibres – the ideal choice to combat the demands of an active home life.

With innovative design and construction, Sandy Ridge flaunts an inspiring and versatile palette of colours in a phenomenally durable woollen chunky, textured loop that will provide the perfect foundation for any interior design style.

The next step in design versatility, Elson is an elegant chunky wool loop that will elevate any living space with a beautiful, neutral colour palette, which provides a luxurious and rustic look; and its hard-wearing properties against the rigours of
day-to-day life.


All of our woollen yarn is spun locally, at one of the largest wool spinning mills, in Bendigo (country Victoria).
This homespun yarn is then tufted at our manufacturing plant in Dandenong (Victoria) – with local manufacturing, we ensure a seamless consistency and high quality of carpet for the best comfort underfoot.


Woollen fleece is a natural and renewable fibre that grows on the back of the sheep all year round. Wool is also naturally non-allergenic, does not give off harmful emissions, and does not promote the growth of bacteria, pollen, fungal spores, or dust mites by trapping them and keeping them out of the breathing zone.

Thermal Insulation

Wool’s natural insulating properties make it suitable for any climate. The air pockets in the crimp of the wool act as an insulator by maintaining warmth in cold weather and keeping it cool in hot weather, resulting in less energy consumption.


Wool fibre is made of a natural protein, very similar to the ones produced by human hair. When disposed of, under the right conditions, wool carpets will decompose, slowly releasing nutrients back into the soil. Our wool carpets also have a sustainable jute backing.


Due to the natural crimp of wool fibre, it resists compression and springs back to shape exceptionally well.
This characteristic ensures that carpets made from wool fibre are strong and resilient and able to withstand the demands of an active home.

Easy To Clean

The construction of wool fibres causes liquids to remain on the surface of the carpet and not be absorbed. As a result, it is very easy to clean up liquid spills and they will not leave stains. Regular vacuuming will loosen and remove dirt and ensure that your wool carpet looks stunning for a long period of time.

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