Broadloom Carpet Styles by Victoria Carpets

Selecting the most appropriate style for you



Carpets are available in a wide range of styles and textures which provide an exciting palette from which you can select the most appropriate accompaniment to your décor.

Victoria Carpets offers you three distinct styles of tufted carpet.


Loop Pile 

A loop pile carpet takes its name from the way in which the carpet pile is “looped”. The looped construction creates a durable texture that does not readily retain signs of footprints or other indentations.
Loop pile carpets offer a choice of sculptured looks:


  • Level loop carpets have loops of uniform length and an even appearance.
  • Textured loops present a visual pattern of varying heights and weights.
  • Other popular loop carpet styles include; sisal, cord and multilevel loop.



Cut Pile – Plush

Cut pile plush carpet comprises dense, twisted fibres that create a luxurious finish and velvet-like texture. This effect is achieved by slicing the tops from the loops, which ensures they stand upright and form an even, level surface. Plushes tend to be more subjected to pile reversal or water marking.



Cut Pile – Twist

Cut pile twist is similar to cut pile plush in that the tops of the loops are removed to form an even surface. The use of taut, tightly twisted yarn gives the resultant carpet a crisp, more textured appearance. Signs of footsteps, tracking and shading are minimised by this durable, heavily textured style.